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Virtualizacijos matrica parengta ilgamečio IBM darbuotojo Andreas Groth (medžiaga panaudota iš

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Version vSphere 5.1 RHEV 3.1 Hyper-V 2012 XenServer 6.1
Edition Enterprise Plus RHEV DataCenter Platinum Edition
Assessment Overview vSphere 5.1 – Click Here For Overview RHEV 3.1 – Click Here For Details WS 2012 + SC 2012 SP1 (DC) – Click Here For Overview XenServer 6.1 – Click Here For Details
Maturity Release Dates – vSphere 5.1: Sep 2012 (ESX: 2001/2002, ESXi: Dec-2007) RHEV 3.1 Release Date: Dec 2012 (RHEV 2.1 – Nov 2009, 2.2: Aug 2010, RHEV 3.0: Jan 2012) Release Dates – WS2012: Sep 2012, SC2012 Apr 2012 – SP1 Jan 2013 (initial Hyper-V: Jun 08, SCVMM Sep 08) 6.1 Release Date: Sep 2012 (Xen – 2003, Citrix XenServer 2007, 5.6SP2 March 2011, v6: Sep 2011)
Market Position Leader (Position 1) Listed as one of the 6 players in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012 (‘Niche Player’ Quadrant) Leader (P2/2) Leader (P3/3)
Pricing Virtualization ($) 5.1 Ent+: $3,495/socket + S&S 1Y: $734 (B) or $874 (Prod), vSphere Desktop: $65/active desktop RHEV for Servers (Standard): $499/socket/year; RHEV for Servers (Premium): $749/socket/year ; RHEV for Desktops (Enterpris Datacenter: $4,809 for (up to) 2 sockets $5000/server+$3000 (support)
Management ($) $4995(Std) + $1049(B) or $1249 (P), $1,495(Fnd) + $545(B) or $645(P) n/a (included in RHEV hypervisor subscription System Center 2012 Datacenter: $3,607 or Standard $1,323 per managed endpoint (up to 2 CPU) Free (XenCenter)
Bundle/Kit Pricing ($) See Enterprise+ Acceleration Kit RED Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers Starter Kit for 6 sockets ECI (20% discount) No
Guest OS Licensing One SLES subscription per active SnS RHEV: No (RHEL: 1/4/unlimited) yes – unlimited OSEs (Windows Server vims) No
Version vSphere 5.1 RHEV 3.1 Hyper-V 2012 XenServer 6.1
Edition Enterprise Plus RHEV DataCenter Platinum Edition
General Central Management Yes (vCenter Server + Web Client) Yes (REV-M) Yes (System Center 2012 / VMM) Yes (XenCenter), SCVMM (new)
Virtual and Physical No No Yes (Complete SC mgmt, Fabric Updates, Storage Management) No
RBAC / AD-Integration Yes (vCenter and ESXi hosts) Yes (AD and IPA) Yes (SCVMM) Yes (hosts/XenCenter)
Cross-Vendor Mgmt Limited – Multi-Hypervisor manager (vCloud Automation Center/DynamicOps) No (ManageIQ) Improved (VMware, Citrix) No (yes for VDI – fee)
Browser Based Mgmt Yes enhanced Web Client (with SSO) Yes (RHEV-M, Power User Portal Limited (SSPs) Yes (Web Self Service)
Adv. Operation Management Yes, vCenter Operations Manager Foundation No (ManageIQ) Yes (SC Operations Manager) No
Updates and Backup Hypervisor Upgrades Yes (Update Manager) Limited Yes (Fabric Updates, CAU) Limited (rolling upgrade wizard – new)
VM Patching Limited (Update Manager) Yes (Red Hat Network) Yes (WSUS, SCCM, VMST) No
Live VM Snapshot Yes Yes Yes (Live Merge) yes
Backup Integration API Yes (vStorage API Data Protection) Limited Yes (VSS API) Limited
Integrated Backup Yes (Data Protection – New) No Yes (WSB&DPM, incremental), Yes (VMPR)
Deployment Automated Host Deployments Yes – Auto Deploy (new: Stateless Caching & Stateful Installs) No Yes (bare metal through VMM) No
VM Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tiered VM Templates Yes (vApp/OVF) No (‘Deployables’ for CloudForms – fee based cloud add-on) Yes (Service Templates) vApp
Host Profiles Yes (Host Profiles) – enhanced for Auto Deploy No Yes No
Storage Profiles Yes (Profile-Driven Storage) No Yes (Storage Classifications) No
Other Resource Pools Yes No Yes (Host Groups) No
P2V Stand-alone only (Converter) V2V, P2V & Partners Yes Yes (XenConvert)
Self Service Portal No (vCloud Suite – fee) User Portal Yes (VMM console, App Controller) Web Self Service
Orchestration / Workflows Yes (vCenter Orchestrator) No Yes (SC Orchestrator, SC Service Mgr) Yes (Workflow Studio)
Security Yes (ESXi Firewall, vShield Zones and vShield Endpoint – NEW), vCloud Networking and Security NEW (not included) SELinux, iptables, VLANs, Port Mirroring Windows Security, Hyper-V Extensible Switch (DNSSEC, PVLANs, port ACLs, BitLocker etc.) Yes
Systems Management SNMPv3 (NEW) +CIM, esxcli Agent-based (RHEL), CIM, SNMP Yes (WMI + PowerShell) Yes (API / SDKs, CIM)
VM Mobility and HA
Version vSphere 5.1 RHEV 3.1 Hyper-V 2012 XenServer 6.1
Edition Enterprise Plus RHEV DataCenter Platinum Edition
VM Mobility Live Migration of VMs Yes vMotion, Metro vMotion and ‘shared nothing’ vMotion (4-8 concurrent) Yes (Live Migration – 1/CPU core up to 5 max) Yes (‘Unlimited’ Concurrent Live, outside clusters and ‘Shared Nothing’) Yes XenMotion (1)
Migration Compatibility Yes (EVC) Yes Yes (Processor Compatibility) Yes (Heterogeneous Pools)
Maintenance Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Live Migration Yes (DRS) – CPU, Mem, Storage (now compatible with vCD – NEW) Yes (LB) – CPU only Yes – Dynamic Optimization (CPU, mem, disk I/O, Net I/O) Yes (WB) – CPU, Mem, D, N
Power Management Yes (DPM) Yes (Power Saving) Yes – Power Optimization Yes (Power Management / WLB)
Storage Migration Yes (Live Storage vMotion); up to 4 parallel operations (NEW) Yes (Tech Preview) Yes (Live and ‘Shared Nothing’) Yes (Storage XenMotion)
HA/DR Cluster Size 32 host / 4000 vms 200 hosts/cluster 64 nodes / 8000 vims 16 hosts / resource pool
Integrated HA (Restart vm) Yes (VMware HA) – incl Storage heartbeat Yes (HA) Yes (vm Affinity, Prioritization) Yes
Automatic VM Reset Yes (VMware HA) Yes (HA) Yes (Heartbeat) No
VM Lockstep Protection Yes (Fault Tolerance) No No No
Application/Service HA HA Application Monitoring API No Yes No
Site Failover vSphere Replication (SRM fee-based Add-On) No Hyper-V Replica Integrated Disaster Recovery (no storage array control)
Version vSphere 5.1 RHEV 3.1 Hyper-V 2012 XenServer 6.1
Edition Enterprise Plus RHEV DataCenter Platinum Edition
General Hypervisor Details/Size ESXi only – 5.1 Build 799733 10 SEPT 2012 KVM with RHEV-H or RHEL – details here Hyper-V R2 XenServer 6.1: Xen 4.1.x -based
Host Config Max Consolidation Ratio 512vm, 2048 vcpu No limit stated 1024 vims/host, 2048 vCPUs/host 150 vims or 900 vCPUs per host
Max CPU – Host 160 (Logical) 160 (logical) 320 Logical CPUs 160 (logical)
Max Cores per CPU unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Max Memory – Host 2TB 2TB 4TB 1TB
VM Config Max vCPU per VM 64 160 vCPU per VM up to 64 vCPU (Win) / 64 vCPU (Linux) 16 (Win) / 32(Linux)
Max RAM per VM 1TB 2TB 1TB 128GB
Serial Ports Yes (incl. vSPC) No (serial console via hooks possible) yes (named pipe) No
Hot Add/Plug Yes (CPU, Mem, Disk, NIC) Yes (disk, NIC) disks and memory (dynamic) only Yes (disk, NIC)
Memory Dynamic / Over-Commit Yes (Memory Ballooning) Yes (virtio) Yes – Dynamic Memory (reclaim memory, Smart Paging – new) Yes (DMC)
Memory Page Sharing Yes (Transparent Page Sharing) Yes (KSM) No No
HW Memory Translation Yes Yes Yes (SLAT) Yes
Interoperability OVF Support Yes Yes Yes (OVF Import/Export) Yes, incl. vApp
HW Compatibility Comprehensive Comprehensive Strong Windows Ecosystem Improving
Guest OS Support Very Comprehensive Limited Closing the gap Good
Scripting / APIs CIM / SMASH API, SDKs for web services, Perl, Power CLI etc REST API, Python CLI, Hooks, SDK Yes (PowerShell 3, WMI API) Yes (SDK, API, PowerShell)
Cloud API vCloud API REST API, Deltacloud API Service Provider Foundation API CloudStack APIs, support for AWS API
Network and Storage
Version vSphere 5.1 RHEV 3.1 Hyper-V 2012 XenServer 6.1
Edition Enterprise Plus RHEV DataCenter Platinum Edition
Storage Supported Storage DAS, NFS, FC, iSCSI, SSD for Swap, FCoE (HW&SW), 16Gb FC HBA (NEW) DAS, iSCSI, NFS (v4), FC, FCoE, SAS, POSIX (direct LUN and Cross Domain – New) SMB3 (new), virtual FC (new), SAS, SATA, iSCSI, FC, DAS, SAS, iSCSI, NAS, FC
SAN Multipath Yes (enhanced APD and PDL) Yes (FC, iSCSI) Yes (DSM and SMB Multichannel) Yes (limited for SAS)
Shared File System Yes (VMFS v5) SPM and support for shared FS Yes (CSV v2) Yes (SR)
Boot From SAN Yes (FC, iSCSI, FCoE and SW FCoE – NEW) Yes Yes (iSCSI, diskless, FC) Yes (iSCSI, FC)
Boot from USB Yes Yes No No
Virtual Disk Format vmdk, raw disk (RDM) RAW, Qcow2 .vhd – new (4KB sectors), vhd, pass-through (raw) vhd, raw disk (LUN)
Max Disk Size 2TB (vmdk), up to 64TB RDM (physical compatibility) 8TB (block), ‘unlimited’ (file) 64TB (vhd), 2TB (vhd), 256TB+ (raw) 2TB
Thin Disk Provisioning Yes (now with SE Sparse Disk – NEW) Yes Yes (Dynamic Disks, Trim – new) Yes (Limitations on block)
NPIV Support Yes (RDM only) Yes Yes (Virtual Fibre Channel) No
Linked Images No (only VMware View and vCloud Director) Yes Yes (Differencing Disk) Yes (clone, PVS, MCS)
SW Storage Replication Yes (also without SRM – NEW) No (RHS-C Tech preview, requires RHS add-on) Yes (Hyper-V Replica) No
Virtual SAN No (vSphere Storage Appliance) No (RHS-C Tech preview, requires RHS add-on) Limited (Storage Spaces) No
Storage Integration (API) Yes (VASA, VAAI and VAMP) No SMI-S / SMP, ODX, Trim Integrated StorageLink
Storage QoS Yes (SIOC) – incl. NFS – NEW No (requires scripts) Network-based only Basic
Networking Advanced Network Switch Yes (vDS), Various Operational and Scalability improvements – NEW No Yes (Hyper-V Extensible Switch) Yes (Open vSwitch)
NIC Teaming Yes (LACP Support – NEW) Yes Yes Yes (incl. LACP – New)
VLAN Yes Yes Yes Yes (limited for mgmt. traffic)
PVLAN Yes No Yes No
IPv6 Yes Guests only Yes Yes (guests only)
I/O Pass-Through Yes (SR-IOV – NEW and VMDirectPath) Yes (with hooks) Yes – SRIOV (incl. Live Migration) SR-IOV
Jumbo Frames Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offload Support Yes (TSO, NetQueue, iSCSI) TOE Yes (D-VMQ, Ipsec Offload, SR-IOV ) Yes (TSO)
Network QOS Yes (NetIOC) No (requires scripts) Yes (max and min bandwidth) Yes (outgoing)
Traffic Monitoring yes (Port Mirroring) Yes (Port Mirroring) Yes (port mirroring) Yes (Port Mirroring)