Gaukite patarimus ir pagalbą projektuojant IT sprendimus su automatiniais „online” konfigūratoriais, kalkuliatoriais ir specialiais įrankiais.

Žemiau pateikiame Dell, APC, Intel konfigūratorius ir specialius įrankius (anglų k.):

Cloud Client Computing Advisor

Configure a customized, end-to-end desktop virtualization solution for 50 to 50,000 users, with the right servers, storage, software, networking, cables, thin clients and services for your cloud client computing environment.

Data Center Virtualization Advisor

Define your server, storage and backup needs — along with the utilization, management, business continuity and network preferences for your virtualization solution — using the Virtualization Advisor.

Energy Smart Solution Advisors

The Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor and Data Center Capacity Planner help IT professionals plan and tune their compute and infrastructure equipment for maximum efficiency.

High-Performance Computing Advisor

Use the HPC Advisor to help define the cluster architecture, server and processor requirements of your high performance computing solution — including capacity, interconnect and throughput.

Microsoft Exchange Advisor

Identify the mailbox server, storage and database needs that meet your performance requirements for Microsoft Exchange with the help of the Exchange 2010 Advisor.

Oracle Database Advisor

Choose server, storage and performance preferences, and usage and environment characteristics, and let the Oracle 11g Advisor generate configuration recommendations for your solution.

Precision Workstation Advisor

Choose a Dell Precision PC that meets your computing needs and application specifications using our Dell Precision Workstation Advisor — an interactive tool that helps define your unique system configuration.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Operating System Advisor

Let the interactive Small Business OS Advisor tool help you identify the hardware and software that best meet your business needs and generate a recommended configuration based on your specifications.

SQL Server Advisor

Perform capacity planning and sizing for Microsoft SQL Server database deployments based on your hardware, software and operations requirements using the SQL Server Advisor.

Systems Management Advisor

Get recommendations to help you operate your IT environment more efficiently based on your server environment and the management tasks to be performed, such as deployment, monitoring or updating.

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DELL  UPS configurator

Configure UPS solution by device or load

APC UPS configurator

Configure UPS solution by device or load